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This is where your Eagle was born to soar. We put golfers at the center of our design, from the generous bag well, to the comfortable ride we have your comfort and convenience while playing in mind. Stand out from the crowd of boring golf cars with a custom Columbia ParCar. Small densely populated urban areas, gated, beach and island communities are ideally suited to a Pure Electric powered low speed vehicle from Columbia. You can move quickly through congested or narrow streets and, two of our vehicles will fit in a standard parking spot! Your daily commute may take you to the grocery store, work, the doctors office and a number of other locations. Not to worry, your Columbia neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) or golf car have plenty of range to take you every where you need to go with power to spare. When you start your day with a Columbia in your garage all the things you do in a day and places you go are only moments away. Once you see how convenient charging your car from a standard outlet is, we suspect your "regular" car will see less and less drive time.